Building Skills for Life

*All programs are led by a child psychologist.

Learning Essential Life Skills and Laying a Strong Foundation

Helping children develop the skills they need to thrive is important for laying the foundation for a fulfilling life. By nurturing emotional intelligence, critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and effective communication and collaboration skills, we provide them with the right tools to overcome obstacles, foster meaningful relationships, and grasp lifelong opportunities for success and happiness.
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Discover a wide range of programs tailored to meet the unique needs and interests of each child. From social-emotional development and body safety to cyber safety and parenting guidance, our programs cover a diverse array of essential topics.

Our Social STARt SEL Program helps children develop essential skills such as emotional management, problem-solving, and positive relationships, enabling them to thrive, build resilience, empathy, and self-confidence that will benefit them throughout their lives.
Social STARt Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
Emotional Management, Problem Solving, Social Skill.
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My Body is My Buddy
Body Safety Program
Rules about private body part, touches & safety.
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My Safe Cyber World
Cyber Safety Program
Online safety rules & how to identify risk.
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Change Mindset
Children Program
Cultivate Growth Mindset.
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Mamas & Papas
Parenting Talk & Workshop
How to guide my children in daily life.
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School Talks & Workshops
Customized Learning Experiences.
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